Demo Reel

0:00 Games (Programming, Art, Animations)

0:31 Real-time Rendering & Cinematics

0:51 Interactive Experiences, Apps, Demos & AR

1:10 3D Environments

1:22 Architectural Visualization

1:28 Real-time Visual Effects

1:31 VR Game, Programming, Particle Graphics Optimization, Lighting & Look development

1:35  Auto mesh to particle dispersion tool script for Unity

1:40 BladeRunner recreation: Lighting, real-time water caustics

1:47 LEGO cinematic short, environment modelling, dynamic real-time precomputed GI

2:05 Brick offset tool scripting for Unity

2:10 Global Game Jam - Character Animations, Programming

2:18 3D modelling and animation

2:23 Programming, Particle effects, shimmer, screen shake, juice visuals

2:33 Game Programming (Flash AS 3.0) / Game Design / 2D Pixel Art

2:45 Personal game project (Unity C# WebGL)