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Thanks for visiting! I am Ying Zhi, a game developer from Singapore with an immense passion to create games & interactives.


I have published games of my own which I worked on in my free time and have worked in small game companies. I enjoy working as an interactive developer or technical artist as I believe when art meets code, one can create amazing things. I also explore other forms of media, using game engines to create cinematics, interactive media, and other forms of immersive content.

I think it's an exciting time to alive with all the cool opportunities to use game engine tech in new and exciting ways!


Ying Zhi is a passionate game developer with knowledge in both art and programming. He loves games and started making his own games since 2013, both independently and in small teams. His programming background combined with a degree in Digital Animation allows him to uniquely blend his knowledge of both fields to create quality games, interactive media & animations.


He is the sole developer and publisher of Enchanted Heroes, a web game with 1 million plays and has been through the entire game production pipeline, understanding both the art and programming aspects. He has also worked with a team to develop Arctopia, an Android/iOS educational game where he was the bridge between a team of programmers and artists. He also built cross-platform web, iOS and Android game, Mooncake Mania. He explores other mediums, such as immersive 360 where he included networking elements to create a real-time interactive environment and playable AR and VR experiences.


Ying Zhi believes games are so much more, that even the future of film & animation is in real-time rendering. He uses game engine technology to create 3D environments, short cinematics and trailers. He also enjoys experimenting with new emerging technology, such as real-time raytracing.


He pushed limits with visual fidelity as a technical artist and programmer for Unlikely Heroes, a 3D tower defense game project and built Stranded Paradise, a multiplayer game where players interact and collaborate to build a town together.


He also did all the programming, which included the backend for a mini CMS in Power Up, an iOS game for Standard Chartered Singapore and a campaign android app for Cyber Security Agency of Singapore.

Additionally, he sees opportunities to use game engines in other forms, creating interactives such as a WebGL experience where users can create and send snowglobes as Christmas greetings, and a Marble Simulator where users can build and watch their virtual creations play out.

Outside of work, he enjoys experimenting with cool tech and embarking on exciting side projects. Legend has it that he is working on a new resource management game, a PC game set to release on Steam.

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