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Enchanted Heroes

Roles: Sole-developer

Responsible for all elements including: Game Programming, Game Design, Game Art/Animation

(I would like to add that without the technical help and support of my friend, Tan Li Hao, this game would not have been a possibility and never have been published.)


You may play the game here.

Enchanted Heroes is a WebGL (HTML5) idle incremental RPG game with 1,000,000+ plays on Kongregate with a very ambitious scope. The game is praised for its story, hidden complexity and depth. You play and upgrade 3 unique hero classes and their skills to fight endless wave of monsters.


I was the sole developer of the game, coding the game from scratch in Unity, created the game design, story and drew all the art and animations. Over 300 UI icons, 12 skill animations and 120 monsters and bosses were drawn across 10 different biomes. The game is feature-rich with achievements, equipment upgrades, skills, an ascension system, shop and story events and cutscenes. With the help of a friend, Tan Li Hao, I was also able to integrate an online cloud save system for the game with PlayFab. Made with Unity, C#, Photoshop and PlayFab.

After the menu, the game has no loading screens. It being on the web meant I had to work hard to optimize memory usage as the game has tons of assets.


While the game was not initially a hit, I spent months after release polishing the little details and perfecting the design with multiple patches and game updates. The game was initially released to a disappointing 2.8 out of 5 stars, but I worked relentlessly to address concerns players had. The game now has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars, and is permanently on the top 3 pages of the idle category of games on the website.

It also won top game of the week and top 3rd in the month it was released in, competing with other big budget game titles.


The game was praised for combining storytelling with the idle incremental genre, something not many other idle games had. I also made an ending for the game to reward end-game players with a satisfying conclusion, something not commonly seen in the idle genre where the game is allowed to go on indefinitely. However, players in Enchanted Heroes can still continue in endless mode if they wish to, to cater to hardcore and competitive players.

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