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Havendock (Early Access Game)

Roles: Sole-Developer

Responsible for most elements including: Concept, Programming, Environment Art, Lighting, Multiplayer Networking, Trailer Production

Exception of: I did not create the UI assets, human characters or submarine.

Havendock is a chill, resource management, multiplayer game where you build a town in the middle of the ocean. Try to survive, grow food, and attract settlers. It is a work in progress.

The game can be played here:

For optimal experience, the downloadable versions can be purchased here:

I also have a Steam storepage for it:

Stranded Timelapse Wix GIF.gif
havendock steam.png

This project is a work in progress and I work on it in my leisure time. I was so excited to work on this idea that I cocooned myself for 3 days to build the prototype. If you want to see what I built in 3 days, watch the video below:

I imagine this game to potentially be Stardew Valley meets resource management​, in a survival setting​.

You have to attract people here and feed your town people, then keep them happy and working​, and at the same time building the town infrastructure, healthcare​.

You research technology to improve Quality of Life (e.g. automation, electricity)​. You start as nothing in the middle of an ocean, and the end goal is a sprawling city.

There are random weather events that make the environment less static. Dynamic lighting in the form of a day night cycle also adds to the immersion. In multiplayer, lightning strikes can strike random players!

Screenshot 2021-12-05 17.15.14.png

The game is a work in progress and I want to push it to new heights.

If you are interested to discuss this with me or even work together, do let me know! Even if not for a production role, then just being interested in resource management or similar games, or just wanting to talk about game design!

The goal was to push for an MVP in around May. And I am happy to say this has been achieved, and even exceeded its initial scope with multiplayer support!

Meanwhile, I have been taking plenty of videos and screenshots of my work in progress and below is a funny compilation of the bugs I have faced so far. I am sure there will be more to come.

Want to use Havendock as a wallpaper or a zoom background? I've made Day and Night versions of a town in action!

Stranded BG.png
Stranded BG Night.png
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